August 29, 2012
Mini- Premium Rush Review

I’ll post a deeper blog about it later, but the verdict is this: entertaining if you don’t like bikes but like Joseph Gordon Levitt. There was very little cool riding, mainly straight line through traffic, car-chase style. Good for cars; bad for bikes. The female lead actress couldn’t ride for shit. Even with CGI it was too obvious when her legit stunt rider was riding. JGL did a better job. Way too much “Fixie” culture refs and one superb Velocity product placement shot. Funny part is it was still more entertaining than the “legit” Fixie vids out there. Hill bombs and taxi dodging are boring. Show me some OG London Crits from like 6 years ago. That’s some real shit. Go see it. Support Hollywood by bike. But don’t think too much into it. It’s a movie about what THEY think you want to see. I give it 10 teeth out of 15 on the cog-movie scale.

- DR