September 17, 2012
Fauxtoseptiembre Epilogue

So my first photo show is in the bag. The rewards are selling a few prints, getting to hang out with a bunch of my friends and new people, and getting to say I put it out there. I have been stressing about this show for a few weeks now; anyone who knows me knows that. But now that it’s over there isn’t a feeling of relief. The stress is replaced with a desire to perform more. To shoot more. To show more. To offer people a window into my world; to borrow how I see things for a second or two. I enjoyed that people enjoyed it. Not the base emotion of largess, but something different. Something much better. It was pure satisfaction. It was telling myself I did a good job. I love taking pictures; I invest time and money in it. I never expect it to return. This is not my business and I don’t expect it will ever be. But watching people look, I mean really look, into my brain was a pleasant feeling. Having other photographers take the time to stop by and take a glance was a pleasant feeling. And, ultimately, someone buying a slice of that to take home is the greatest compliment I think an artist can receive. 

It was a good day.

- DR

[So many thanks to Hello Studio (Amada Miller) for letting me show my nonsense and Nick Hendrix for sharing the walls that night. It was a life highlight, for sure.]

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